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C’s Tree Service is a locally owned and operated tree care company that aims to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. We take pride in maintaining the rich urban canopy of the New Orleans area, utilizing modern, industry approved climbing and rigging systems to ensure job site safety, as well as minimizing damage to your trees and landscape. With a team of experienced climbing arborists, we can accommodate tight access jobs where a lift is simply not an option. Established in 2017, services offered include pruning, removal, debris hauling, and tree bracing.

About the Importance of Proper Pruning

Pruning isn’t just about aesthetics — it’s essential for maintaining tree health, promoting growth, and ensuring safety. Our experienced arborists understand the intricate balance between removing dead or damaged limbs and branches, and preserving healthy ones. By entrusting us with your trees’ pruning needs, you’ll benefit from healthier, more resilient trees that enhance your property’s appearance and value. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we’ll tailor our pruning methods to suit the unique needs of your trees, promoting long-term vitality and structural integrity.

Don’t settle for amateur solutions that could harm your trees in the long run. Call or text us today at 504-452-3390, or simply fill out the contact form. Let us show you the difference that professional pruning can make for your landscape. Experience firsthand the expertise and care that set C’s Tree Service apart as the go-to choice for professional tree pruning services in New Orleans.

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Our Services - Tree Pruning, Removal & More...

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

At C's Tree Service, we specialize in professional tree pruning services designed to enhance your landscape's beauty and ensure the health of your trees. Our skilled arborists employ techniques aligned with the latest International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) guidelines, focusing on the well-being of your trees, and your satisfaction. Whether it's shaping for aesthetics or strategic pruning for tree health and safety, we're committed to delivering top-quality care with minimal impact on your trees.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

As much as we strive for preservation, there often comes a time when the risk of keeping a tree outweighs the reward. A knowledgeable arborist can help guide your decision making process, and we appreciate that for many this is not a decision made lightly. As we like to say, we’re not the “cut ’em all down” tree crew, but when it comes time we’ve got you covered. With a team of skilled climbers, we can complete the majority of removals without involving heavy equipment, allowing for a more delicate treatment for your landscape.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

C's Tree Service offers expert hedge trimming and pruning to bring out the natural beauty and health of your hedges. Our dedicated team uses precise techniques to shape and maintain your hedges, ensuring they complement your yard or garden perfectly. We focus on promoting healthy growth and density, while also creating a polished and tidy appearance. Trust us to enhance the aesthetic appeal and vitality of your hedges with our comprehensive and professional care.

Cobra Bracing

Tree Bracing

While high tension steel cabling can address limb or stem failure risks, it may not always be the best choice. At C's Tree Service, we typically recommend the Cobra Crown Bracing System. This system, in use since the 90's, is non-invasive and allows the tree to move and flex more naturally, which in turn allows the tree to grow support wood where needed. An experienced arborist can assess your situation and advise accordingly. If you're considering installing a mechanical support system to your trees, please give us a call for a free assessment.

Why Work With Us

Genuine Consulting

We take time at the point of sale to make our clients aware of any and all options, potential risks, and benefits associated with their tree care needs, which in turn allows them to make their own decisions from a more informed position.

licensed & Insured

Rely on our state-licensed arborists for expert tree pruning services, tailored to enhance both aesthetics and tree health. Fully insured, we adhere to ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) standards to ensure minimal tree injury and maximum customer satisfaction.

Transparent Pricing

We offer contractual, transparent pricing so there are no surprises when it comes time for payment. If we anticipate that there may be some unforeseeable complications that may add to working time / cost, there will be language in your contract to cover such an occasion.

Proper Clean up

We make sure to leave a property at least as clean as when we start work, and go above and beyond in the cleanup process. In the event you have a debris pile that needs hauled away, just give us a call and we’ll make it disappear.

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