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About C's Tree Service

Our New Orleans Roots

Founded in 2017 by Trent Ciolino, a dedicated arborist with a passion for preserving the beauty and health of trees, our company has grown from a deep-rooted love of nature and a commitment to excellence in tree care. Trent, a local to the area and a state licensed arborist, has been honing his skills in the tree service industry since 2012, bringing over a decade of expertise and experience to every project we undertake.

Our Specialty

While many companies rely on heavy machinery and lifts, we prefer a more delicate, hands-on approach. More so in New Orleans than in most other US cities, there are many job sites (say, a French Quarter courtyard or a narrow access backyard Uptown) where involving a lift, crane, or even a skid-steer is simply not a feasible option. Our team, comprised of both skilled climbers and knowledgeable, hardworking ground crew, specializes in low-impact job completion, ensuring your property remains unscathed and your trees receive the care they deserve. From proper pruning to carefully executed tree removal, we do what’s best for your trees with the utmost respect for their health and your property.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of tree care services tailored to meet your needs. From precise pruning and strategic tree removal to routine trimming and emergency services, our skilled team is equipped to handle all aspects of tree maintenance with expertise and care. Whether you require routine trimming to enhance tree health or immediate attention for emergency tree removal, we provide efficient and reliable solutions. Trust us to safeguard your property’s beauty and safety with our professional tree services.

Your Benefit

Why do clients choose C’s Tree Service? It’s simple. We offer a blend of high-quality work, vast expertise, and a personalized approach that’s hard to find elsewhere. Our commitment to understanding your needs and delivering tailored solutions sets us apart. Whether it’s advising on whether to remove or keep a tree, executing proper pruning techniques, or providing emergency tree services, we’re known for our ability to handle each task with care and professionalism.

Because Your Trees Deserve The Best Care

At C’s Tree Service, we recognize the important role that thriving, aesthetically pleasing trees play in improving the curb appeal of your home as well as your quality of life. Our dedication to top-notch service and client satisfaction positions us as your premier choice for all tree management requirements. Whether confronting the aftermath of a storm or for general maintenance, our skilled team of tree experts stands ready to offer personalized solutions and guidance.
Simply call or text us at 504-452-3390 or get in touch through our straightforward online contact form. Discover the benefits of partnering with a reputable tree care provider committed to addressing your tree-related issues with precision and care. Allow us to demonstrate why C’s Tree Service is the preferred choice for homeowners prioritizing the health and appearance of their trees. Reach out to us now and become part of our growing family of clients who rely on us for their tree maintenance needs.

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