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Tree Service in Metairie

Reliable & Affordable Tree Care in Metairie by C’s Tree Service

Are you dealing with overgrown trees or branches? 

Do you have trees that make you uncertain whether or not they might endanger someone, because they haven’t been inspected by a professional for quite some time?

We completely understand the headaches, worries and frustrations Metairie trees can cause when proper care is lacking. Say goodbye to tree troubles and hire the professionals at C’s Tree Service, so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces again!

Our skilled crew of climbers and ground crew are ready to help with all your tree care needs, from hazardous removal to fine pruning – we got you covered. 

You can reach us via call or text at 504-452-3390 or through our easy-to-use contact form on this page.

Keep Your Trees Thriving with Proper Tree Pruning

Our experienced arborists provide expert tree pruning and trimming services to promote growth, health, and beauty for all types of trees in Metairie. 

Precision pruning removes dead or diseased branches, shapes and balances your tree, increases light penetration and airflow, and stimulates new growth. We use proper pruning techniques so no damage occurs. 

Trust us for crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising, crown reduction and all your pruning needs.

Tree Care Metairie
One of our arborists up in a tree in Metairie, safely descending.
Tree Removal Metairie
Tree Removal in Metairie
Tree Bracing in Metairie
Tree Bracing in Metairie

Tree Removal and Tree Emergency Services in Metairie

Protect your home and family by having hazardous trees inspected and professionally removed by our experienced crew. We remove dead, dying, diseased and structurally unstable trees in Metairie that pose a danger of falling, debris drop, or interfering with buildings and power lines.

Storm damage and emergency removal are available 24/7. We also provide lot and land clearing services.

Preserve Your Trees with Professional Support Cabling and Bracing Systems

Prolong the life of weak trees and prevent failure and property damage through tree cabling and bracing. Our tree care professionals assess trees and install cables and braces between weak branches and stems to provide additional structural support and stability. 

In general we tend to use non-invasive support systems that don’t harm your trees and provide them with the necessary support to keep standing strong and providing shade and a pleasant ambience for your garden, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Beautiful, Manicured Hedges for Metairie Homes and Businesses

In addition to tree care and removal, we provide professional hedge trimming services for Metairie clients. 

Let us sculpt and shape your garden hedges, screening shrubs, privacy bushes and boundary plants with artistry and care. We handle small touch-ups or large renovations. Call today to schedule complete hedge maintenance.

We Know About The Unique Tree Care Challenges in Metairie

Dense Neighborhood Obstacles

Our climbers know how to safely maneuver equipment to access trees in Metairie’s confined residential neighborhoods crowded with utility lines, fences, homes and other tight spots. We take care not to damage your property.

Working Safely Over Homes

Oaks and other tall species requiring pruning or removal are scattered throughout Metairie neighborhoods. Our experienced climbers know how to safely access your trees, even in great heights, without having to maneuver heavy machinery in order to get access. This low impact treatment means you can relax knowing your house and property are safe at all times, and not one clumsy swing of a bucket truck operator away from a damaged house.

Clean Cutting Techniques

Removing large compromised trees in crammed residential or commercial areas calls for exact cutting methods by our experienced climbers to carefully dismantle the tree without damaging buildings.

As longtime Metairie tree service professionals, we thrive on tackling the most complex tree challenges our beloved community presents!

Tree Pruning Metairie
Tree Pruning in Metairie
Tree Trimming Metairie
Tree Trimming in Metairie
Water Oak Pruning
Water Oak Pruning
Tree Cutting in Metairie
Tree Cutting in Metairie

Why Local Homeowners in Metairie Choose C's Tree Service

When you need professional tree service in Metairie, choosing the right tree service contractor is key. C’s Tree Service stands out as the top option for residents and businesses thanks to our:

Knowledge of Regional Tree Species

Our experienced tree care specialists understand the growth habits, disease tendencies, and care needs of beloved southern trees like live oaks, bald cypress, crepe myrtles and more. 

Insured Safety Practices

We follow rigorous safety protocols, including traffic control, property protection, wildlife checks, and electrical hazard avoidance when operating any type of machinery on your property – and in most cases even are able to avoid the use of heavy machinery and provide a non-invasive, low-impact treatment.

Clean Job Sites and a Clean Finish

We use drop cloths, plywood, and whatever we need to protect your property. Debris gets swept or blown away for a clean finish. In the end we’ll leave your property at least as clean as we’ve found it.

Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Our reasonable rates account for the complexity of tree work in Metairie without expensive city markups. 

When you need a local, reliable tree care company that treats your property like their own, call C’s Tree Service – we love trees as much as we love Metairie!


Get Professional Tree Care in Metairie Tailored to Your Property

At C’s Tree Service, we understand that no two properties or tree needs are exactly alike. That’s why we offer customized tree care based on the unique conditions of your property.

Schedule a property walk-through and free estimate consultation with our team today!

During the consult, we will:

  • Walk your property to inventory all trees and identify any issues needing correction
  • Assess soil, drainage and other local growing conditions
  • Listen to your tree & landscaping goals and challenges
  • Provide science-based recommendations for care of existing trees or planting new additions
  • Give a written estimate detailing services, costs and projected timeline

Be sure to take action before minor issues become major hazards or diseases take hold. Contact C’s Tree Service now to have your property assessed by the most trusted local tree care specialists. Call or text 504-452-3390 or complete our simple contact form to schedule a free estimate and experience tree services that enhance safety, value and natural beauty where you live and work!

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