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Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing in New Orleans

Tree Cabling vs. Tree Bracing

When considering tree support systems, understanding the differences between tree bracing and tree cabling is essential.

While both methods aim to provide structural support to trees, they differ in their approach.

Traditional tree cabling involves the installation of high tension steel cables between tree branches to redistribute weight and reduce the risk of limb failure.

On the other hand, tree bracing typically refers to the use of threaded rods to reinforce weak or damaged tree limbs, providing direct support.

The choice between bracing and cabling depends on various factors, including the tree species, condition, and the specific issues requiring intervention.

Our Recommended Tree Bracing System

Generally speaking, we recommend using the Cobra Crown Bracing System.

This system, in use since the 90’s, has become the go to tree support system in the industry.

It is non-invasive (no drilling through tree limbs), easy to adjust over the years (a yearly “check up” is recommended to adjust tension if and as needed), and generally much less of an eye sore in the crown of your tree.

Additionally, it is a more dynamic system, allowing your tree to move and sway in the wind more naturally, which in turn helps the tree to grow support wood where needed, instead of growing more dependent on its support system.

Lastly, it is the most realistic option in terms of tree preservation. In the scenarios where a tree is deemed to truly need high tension cables and threaded rods installed to keep it from falling apart, it is – unfortunately – generally best to consider tree removal.

For trees that display some potential structural flaws – codominant stems with included bark, minor decay cavities, etc – but have not reached the stage where limb or stem failure is presumably imminent, the Cobra system can be a great option, giving your trees that extra bit of support that can help extend their viable lifespan. 

Tree Bracing Cobra System
Tree Bracing
Tree Cabling

Are There Alternatives to Tree Removal?

For property owners grappling with the tough decision of whether to remove a structurally compromised tree or explore alternatives, tree support systems emerge as a compelling option.

In contrast to the drastic measure of complete tree removal, which can noticeably alter the landscape and compromise ecological balance, tree cabling may offer a viable solution for fortifying weakened or damaged trees.

By retaining mature trees through cabling or bracing, rather than removal, property owners contribute to the preservation of ecological integrity and biodiversity within the little ecosystem that is their garden.

We’re here to support you, if you as a property owner would like to “embrace” tree bracing and cabling as a proactive measure to uphold both the visual and ecological value of your properties. Read on to see how to get in touch.

How to Choose the Right Company to Install Tree Support Systems?

Selecting the right company is crucial for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of tree support systems.

When choosing a tree service, consider factors such as experience, qualifications, and reputation.

Look for companies with licensed arborists who have extensive experience in tree care and structural support techniques.

Ensure that the company uses high-quality materials and adheres to industry best practices in tree cabling and tree bracing installation.

By selecting a reputable and experienced tree company, you can have confidence in the integrity and longevity of your trees’ support systems.

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